Language policy

The teachers and students of our School that want to participate in the mobility program will have to possess an official accreditation of the language level requested by the external institutional partner, or pass a test of the corresponding level.

There is a Language Department in the school that will help to orient potential participants in the options available. They will also prepare a test to evaluate the linguistic skills if the solicitant does not have an official accreditation. It will also provide information about the language schools closer to the School. It is of special interest the Official School of Languages of Algeciras. It provides education in French and English, up to C1, as well as courses specifically tailored for teachers. Its resources will be very helpful for potential participants in the mobility exchanges. Also, there is a wide offer of private language schools near our institution.

Regarding incoming exchange participants, we will try to reach agreements with some of these schools in order to facilitate courses of Spanish as second language. Our International Relations and Mobility Department will also ask for help from the external institution to search language courses abroad. We will recommend external institutions not to send staff and students with a low level of Spanish. If they don´t have a B1 in Spanish they must have a B1 in English and at least an A2 in Spanish.

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